About Ondotorism

Welcome to Ondotorism, a blog brought to by the T&D team that will showcase how our products are used and give our readers a better idea about what T&D is all about!

Why is it called Ondotorism?

The name is a combination of the Japanese words “Ondotori” and the English “ism”. “ism” here is the characteristics or traits of Ondotori, which is the Japanese brand name for our products. “Ondo” here is Japanese for “temperature” and “tori” expresses a “thing that takes”, so a “thing that takes temperature”. But the same “Ondotori” using different kanji (Chinese characters) for “ondo” means a “thing that takes the lead”. And that is what we are dedicated to; to take the lead in developing next-generation data logging systems that are always reliable and user-friendly.

Why is the logo a bird?

Here is yet another play on words. “Tori” in Japanese also means “bird”. So our mascot character is our “ondo-tori” or “ondo bird”. It is a cute round-faced pheasant, the national bird of Japan, holding an old school thermometer.

Please join our mascot TANDY and the rest of the Ondotorism team on a journey to find out more about us, our products and how they are being used.

Nice to meet you